You are kindly invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations on all themes and topics of the SSSN-BOWEN 2021. We will inform you on acceptance of your abstract two (2) weeks after submission.

  • All abstracts must be written in English and may not exceed 250 words
  • Individuals can submit multiple abstracts but cannot have more than one oral presentation.
  • Abstracts must be submitted through the Conference Management System at

Instructions and format for oral and poster presentations

Oral presentation:

  • Duration: 12 minutes with additional 3 minutes for questions, so max. 15 min.
  • For oral presentations please be aware that the screen size is 16:9
  • Presentations must be in Microsoft PowerPoint and will be uploaded to the computers in the conference rooms that operate under Windows.
  • One-minute oral poster presentation:
  • Every poster presenter gets the opportunity to pitch his/her poster in a one-minute talk
  • The poster pitches conclude each thematic plenary/parallel session
  • After the plenary/parallel sessions pitches presenters can discuss their poster/research with interested colleagues during the poster session (see Conference programme for exact times)

 Poster Session

Instructions on the format of the posters:

  • Poster size: A0 (approx. 85 x 120 cm)
  • Orientation: Portrait

More detailed info will be regularly updated on our website.

Special issue “Climate-smart soil management, soil health/ quality and land management: synergies for sustainable ecosystem services’

 In this special issue from The Nigerian Journal of Soil Science we will invite papers presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the Soil Science society of Nigeria (2021) and public submission to address the issue of concerning synergies between climate-smart soil management, soil health/quality and sustainable land management for society. The goal of the SSSN is to achieve a better understanding of the role of soil in supporting a range of ecosystem services. We consider that the soil contributes to a range of ecosystem services through the provision of five key soil functions; primary productivity, nutrient cycling, habitat for soil biodiversity, water regulation and carbon management for climate regulation. The special issue will follow the conference format with key topic areas for submission of papers:

  • Soil Solutions – A solution to climate change, adaptation, and mitigation
  • Soil health, management and sustainable intensification
  • Climate-smart management options for improving the soil systems
  • Soil degradation, rehabilitation and conservation
  • Benefits of Sustainable Soil/Land Management
  • Aligning Land Use with Land Potential

The NJSS Editor-In- Chief Prof M.A.N Anikwe will be attending SSSN-BOWEN 2021 and will answer the question you have about publishing in NJSS.

Details on paper submission dates will be announced closer to the conference. Register Now!